Today I feel much better than yesterday because I adapt my mind to face my work. My boss and friends tell me that I'm too strict
to myself. They say "The more open your mind, the more you learn." I think they're right. If I always try to handle everything
perfectly. I won't learn anything.
    In the evening, they ivited me to a seafood restraurant. In Singapore, restaurants are often expensive, especially the seafood ones.
During the dinner time, we chatted happily. The food here were nice but very expensive. When my friend payed the bill, I stared at
the bill. SND$186.  OMG! the price was too high. But my friend said "I stand treat today." I very appreciated that. In someday, I could
also feedback to them. They help me too much in Singapore. I think I'm a lucky person. I can make good friends with them.
    Tomorrow is a brand new day again.  To worry is often energize needlessly. So....just do it!


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