Yesterday eveing, I probably used my notebook too much. So the adapter of my notebook overworked. And I connected the notebook with a battery in the same time. Then the adapter became so weird. The indicator light was flashing unsteadily and its temparture increasing rapidly. I was afraid that it could damage all the important components in this notebook. Then I decided to shut down it and turn of the switch on the wall.
I just examined my adapter few minutes ago. It still works normally. But I think it can't be linked with my notebook again. I can't figure out when it REALLY breaks down.  It only can be used in recharging batteries.
Without notebook, I can't do a lot of things, for example, looking for a room, cotacting with my parents and friends in Taiwan, and surfing in the Internet. I think my life could be very boring. Maybe the two things I could do was reading books and reciting English vocalbularies without my notebook.


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