I've been here for one week long. I still try to wonder the life style  in Singapore.

People like to have a bowl of noodle as their breakfast.

But I'm used to have a hamburger or a sandwich with a cup of coffee as my breakfast.

Eating noodle is a new thing I have never done before.

Maybe I should try it in someday.


At work, I still continue learning many things. My colleagues are patient people.

They always teach me step by step. Although they know I can't be familiar with my work soon.

They say I'm too nervous to work. "Don't be afraid to ask any questions when you don't know how to do."

That's so touching. I can't express with words.


Few days ago, I finally rent a room with my colleague's help.

I was so appreciate her. Without her, I can't find a proper room in a short term.

Now the only problem I need to solve with is to register a mobile broadband.

But it's ok. I think I can find a way out.


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