My dinner is a bowl of Ipoh hor fun tonite. This is my first time to have that.

It is very delicious with green chili in vinegar. And the rice dumpling (meat dumpling) is also tasty.

I would like to try the chicken rice next time.

Everything in Singapore is more expensive than in Taiwan.

Sometime I still can find something cheaper.

It just takes time to look for.


I think I begin to be familiar with my work.

Last week, everything came to me like a group of monsters.

I almost could not face them.

But my supervisors often encourage and talk with me.

So I can be brave to face these barriers, even though I still make some problems.


Few days ago, I finally found a room. I want to thank to my colleague.

She has worked in Singapore for 5 years.

She is very generous and nice.  Without her, I couldn't find a room so quickly.

Thank you.



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