Today is Saturday, I just work for halfday. 

So I decide to go to the Kovan mrt station.

To see what the place is.


After took a nap, I walked to Kovan stn from Serangoon road.

I thought I spent 20 minutes getting there.

Just like Hougang stn, Kovan stn also had a small shopping mall called 'Heatland mall.'

The mall had 3 floors and there was a few food vendors at every floor.

Additionally, there was a coffee shop outside.

I went in it and wandered around.

There were many kind of shops, like computer shops, cd stores, bookstores, cloth shops, and accessory stores etcetera.

But the purpose I went to Kovan stn was to find a supermarket called "CK".

"CK" doesn't mean the famous brand, Calvin Klein.

I heard many things sold in CK were very cheap.

But unfortunatly, I couldn't find CK.


And it started raining at 8 o'clock.

then I decided to taking a bus to go home.

But..........I took the bus in opposite route.

So the bus drove to somewhere I did know.

I was so worry because it was already 9 o'clock.

All I wanted to do was to get home quickly and took a bath.

When the bus drove to the Serangoon Junior college shop, I got off and walked home.

It's a unforgettable experience to me to take a bus.


I'll know I have to go to the right bus shop next time.


Tomorrow is Sunday. And I have to move to my new room.

So...I gonna to prepare my baggages for tomorrow.

Finally, everything is settled.


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